Comments about the WALL

What do you think about the WALL?

Good Walls make Good neighbours
Since I was a history student last year…It kinda remind me of the Berlin Wall of Germany…and could moments me of the Cold War.

A wall is made of small bricks, so in life the trick is to overcome the tiny things if you do the WALL won`t look so BIG. (by Zinhle)

It´s a good platform for emotional expression.
The fact that I can´t see on the other side: Drives me up the wall. I agree, me too, me also.

Well I don`t think that German universities do such things in rememberance of South African history. –> Point taken, but that does not make us blind of their history and anyway the world was unity against the Apartheid, and they do remember the impact Mr Mandela has made, including those universities. –> HOW DO YOU KNOW?

….you can also tell us about the walls you are facing in your daily life! WHAT WALLS? lol

It needs frost.

Set in stone. It goes beyond human comprehension. It´s wow…..

nelson mandela isnt a culy freedom fighter...but never its cool and everything i just dont c y we gotd build a wall??!! Howe about we use da money else where?

The Wall is really iritating bluz it obstructs our vision. Also the architecture design.

It´s stupid. It´s useless. I agree

I don`t even know the meaning of the wall and why.? But it makes me wonder what`s happening on the other side. I also somehow help students express themselves.

Walls are human nature. We need something to do. So we divide and make fun of the oters.

Waste of money. People are hungry.

South Africa is a true Rainbow Nation, we all live in one country but we are still seperated, we need to break these walls and become ONE. (by Tankiso `TANK` Makwela)

What`s on the other side?


There no `Race`in breaking down walls. Awesome project. (by Mpho)

When do we burn it down?

Solidarity emphasising the positional level of society.

This is not Berlin we don´t mind this stupid wall.

“I wall not be moved.” Sgene 5:Ibhalwe yinja

Thanks for the marking pen!!!

Is this where our fees go???

What’s the reason of building this wall?

The current explicit depiction on the west side of the wall is not. It is disgusting.


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