Writing untold (hi)stories

graffiti heritage flyer kleinWriting untold (hi)stories – Graffiti as a means of artful engagement with past and present Presentation and discussion with writer Vuyisa Breeze Yoko Tue, 29 September – 6 p.m., at the Wall

Graffiti is an artful act of writing abscence into being. It represents a visual expression, a statement in public space and lives in the process of its creation – as well in the comments that follow. In spite of these features graffiti’s inherent potential for the (re-)writing of history and identity is often overlooked – in this it shares a fate with a number of subcultural activities.  Writer and cultural activist Vuyisa Breeze Yoko presents his outlook on the power of graffiti in terms of writing histories and community-building as envisioned in a graffiti project in the surroundings of the Cradle of Humankind. The project, which is realised at the moment, will focus on celebrating the heritage and icons of the townships surrounding the spot and aims at ‘beautifying’ dilapidated areas in townships by spraying socially relevant images and words. Spaces such as walls, shacks, houses, schools, containers or abandoned car wrecks will be turned into sites of aestheti  cal endeavours with past, present and future. The project is conceptualised as a means to revive the sense of pride in the communities and improving the general aesthetic of the environment, at the same time celebrating the heritage of the people of these communities.

 The presentation will be followed by a discussion.


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